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The Gold Coast’s Top Nature Trails

You may take in the sights of the Gold Coast’s stunning national parks and stroll along the coast for miles of sand and surf. It’s possible to find a wide variety of attractions in the region, from the blue-green lights of thousands of glowworms in Springbrook to the incredible rainforest hikes of Tamborine Mountain. The Gold Coast of Queensland might be the site of some fantastic outdoor adventures, whether you’re looking to have a picnic by a freshwater creek, plan a challenging bushwalk, “photograph” cascading waterfalls, observe surfers as they ride the waves, or bounce your way along a treetop cover walk.

Take in Springbrook National Park both during the day and at night.

Nature enthusiasts will find heaven at Springbrook National Park, where a wide variety of hiking routes lead to breathtaking vistas, and cascading waterfalls like Purlingbrook Falls create the impression that they have walked off the planet’s edge. Better of All Lookout, the best vantage point on the plateau, truly lives up to its name, offering breathtaking panoramas of Mount Warning and the valleys below. Visit the Springbrook Research Observatory for some nighttime stargazing, or take in a stunning display by glowworms inside the cave at the Natural Bridge rock formation.

Lamington National Park is among the best place to experience Native American culture.

There are two equally beautiful roads in Lamington National Park’s two equally beautiful portions, Green Mountains (O’Reilly) and Binna Burra. The Caves Circuit in Binna Burra is a 5-kilometer out-and-back path using the charred remnants of the Kweebani Caves, which the native Yugambeh people once utilized for refuge and cooking. Expect to see yellow-throated scrubwrens and log runners on the 30-minute Rainforest Return walk at the peak of Green Mountain, the beginning of the much longer Border Observe. If you keep going, you’ll reach Morans Creek, the site of the first camp used to construct railroad tracks.

Gold and green in Mountain Tamborine National Park

Mount Tamborine is a moderate mountain range only 45 minutes from the Gold Coast, but it feels like a completely different universe. Tamborine Mountain National Park, the oldest national park in Queensland, features magnificent scenery and breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean and Gold Coast’s distant high rise. Its gallery and restaurant-lined main street are equally as appealing. Take a hike to Curtis Falls to take in the gorge, waterfalls, and rock pools. Wheelchairs and strollers are welcome at Cedar Creek Falls, and at Witches Falls, you can follow in the footsteps of a legend. It is not hard to imagine why local children once thought witches and giants plagued this woodland as you zigzag down the mountainside through a jungle full of substantial strangler figs.

Take a stroll or a roll down the Gold Coast’s famous boardwalk

Thanks to the Gold Coast City Council, one of the world’s most extended stretches of beach is available to the public, as is a similarly long boardwalk. The boardwalk is fun to explore on foot, bike, or even skateboard (which has four wheels). Surfers Paradise to Coolangatta is a 54-kilometer journey that may be covered on foot or by bike using the city’s network of primarily coastal bike/strolling pathways. If you don’t have a bike, you may rent a Lime electric bike and easily cruise up and down the coast.

An Inherently Beautiful Beach Getaway

Take a trip through Burleigh Head National Park to cool down from the summer heat and see the Pacific Ocean through the pandanus forests. Stop by David Fleay Wildlife Park just up the road from where you walked to learn more about how conservation and education are at the center of all they do for their visitors. During the enlightening Creatures of the Evening Show, a Park Ranger will encourage a timid ringtail possum to show off her distinctive curly tail. Visit the Nocturnal Home, where a playful platypus enjoys using his waterfall as a water slide, and stroll the park’s wooden boardwalks to see classic Australian creatures. For decades, visitors to this park, founded by renowned Australian scientist Dr. David Fleay have been inspired to appreciate and protect Australia’s unique animal species.


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