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24 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong, known for its imposing skyline that overlooks Victoria Harbour, is a fascinating destination that combines history, culture, and entertainment in one attractive package. Hong Kong, formerly a British territory, was ceded to China in 1997. As a result, it evolved a unique identity that differs from the mainland. Taoist and Buddhist temples and world-class institutions like the Hong Kong Museum of History can be discovered here and there as one strolls through the city’s busy streets. A great city to visit, it offers many fantastic eateries, bars, and entertainment options, like Ocean Park and Disneyland. Nature is never far away, thanks to its lovely public parks. Along with these tourist attractions, Hong Kong also offers spectacular views from locations like Victoria Park and the Star Ferry. Hong Kong indeed has it all with a wealth of attractions.

1. Disneyland Hong Kong

Disney Land, a well-known tourist destination in Hong Kong, is a theme park that offers tourists all the excitement and thrills. Popular among families with children, the location is perfect for livening up an exciting trip and reliving your youth. One of Hong Kong’s biggest and most complete theme parks, Disney Land, debuted on September 12, 2005. The water display, fireworks, fun rides, and entertaining games can make the most of your day and provide the most thrill. Some of the well-known attractions in this place include The Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street USA, Adventureland, and Toy Story Land.

2. Sky100

The International Commerce Centre’s 100th level is home to The Sky100, another wonder and the top destination in Hong Kong. This is one of the tallest towers or buildings in the city. This observation tower explores the 360-degree views of sights like Victoria’s Harbour. The Sky100 displays the “Sky100’s Tales of Hong Kong” in its 30-meter-long wall, which features some remarkable buildings. The cafes and restaurants offer visitors an authentic experience of Hong Kong while they explore the breathtaking scenery while traveling through Hong Kong.

3. Ocean Park

The Ocean Park in Hong Kong is a beautiful place that provides the excitement of a vacation. The Ocean Park includes numerous attractions like the Grand Aquarium, roller coasters, exotic fauna, and much more. It is a destination that provides all the delights one can experience in one day. The park offers tourists more than just great thrills; it also has unusual animals that never let them down. The location features giant pandas, red pandas, and even the Chinese Giant Salamander, which is currently on the endangered species list. It also has thousands of fish of more than 400 kinds, a reef tunnel, and much more. Intriguingly, visitors can enjoy rides like Mine Train, Raging River, Hair Raiser, and more in the park on the North and South Poles if they want to stay longer. There are also unique activities held there. Ride the metro to the Ocean Park stop to take in the show.

4. Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, which offers a view of the bay and the Hong Kong skyline, is a well-liked tourist destination in Hong Kong. Enjoy the view as the wonders of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers sparkle with glistening lights. Victoria Peak tucked away in the western portion, is also known as Mount Austin, is one of the highest peak in Hong Kong and the 31st highest mountain in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with a height of 552 meters. This is the location for the utmost fun, thrill, and exciting experience and overlooking the magnificent vista.

5. Sai Kung

Getting away from city life, this gorgeous, laid-back beach village is the ideal destination to travel to from Hong Kong. After all the sightseeing, you will feel refreshed by its tranquil surroundings. The town of the same name, situated on the Sai Kung Peninsula, offers a variety of eateries and pubs for visitors to select from; many decide to take a boat trip on old junk. Sai Kung is an excellent destination for a day trip because there are so many things to do there, including sailing, scuba diving, and sunbathing.

6. Noah’s Ark

Another well-known attraction in Hong Kong is Noah’s Ark, a theme park that families with young children can visit. The location perfectly integrates the concepts of art, education, nature, and love in one place. The two main attractions of this location are the Nature Garden and Noah’s Ark. In addition, you can get a room at Noah’s Ark Hotel & Resort, which offers a beautiful stay on the property with all the top-notch amenities. A Noah’s academy is another place where children may attend camps and educational programs to learn new things that will help them develop new abilities and better prepare them for the future.

7. Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls

Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls

The picturesque Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls, one of the top natural attractions in Hong Kong, is surrounded by a thick forest and undulating hills. It is the ideal location for those who enjoy the solitude and tranquility of nature. The 6-kilometer hiking track, which is full of temples and charming villages along the way and is rich in flora and fauna, can take you to the waterfall. It is a unique location that offers you the pleasures of remoteness while being removed from the grind of daily life. The hike is peaceful, simple, and accessible virtually all year round. Get yourself a camera because this location deserves to be photographed because you will be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

8. Hong Kong Museum Of Art

One of the top tourist destinations to learn about a city’s culture, heritage, art, and handicraft is the Museum of Arts, a well-known attraction in Hong Kong. This museum, formerly known as the City Hall Museum, has a sizable collection of paintings and antiquities, calligraphy, and artwork by artists worldwide. Before the constructions of the Hong Kong Museum of History and the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the collection included artifacts and historical relics. The museum also hosts numerous exhibitions that highlight the cultural heritage of China and Hong Kong. The museum is accessible to many Hong Kong tourist attractions because it is situated on the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront.

9. Ngong Ping

The Ngong Ping 360 is a fascinating attraction for tourists visiting Hong Kong. In addition to offering a panoramic view, it has the longest bi-cable ropeway in Asia and takes you to the renowned Ngong Ping Village. One of the well-known attractions in this area that draws tourists to experience its splendor is the Tian Tin Buddha. The massive bronze Buddha statue shown here is the largest in the world and was manufactured on outdoor furniture, making it a significant attraction for tourists. Visit the Po Lin Monastery and the Thousand Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong to see the 13,000 small Buddha statues.

10. Temple Street Night Market

Do you want to know what the best activities in Hong Kong are? One of the best places to visit in Hong Kong is a Temple Street Night Market trip. This store is located in Kowloon and offers a wide range of products, including clothing, electronics, home items, and much more. Customers can expect to haggle over almost every purchase they make there. This market comes to life around six o’clock in the evening when tourists start to arrive. Indeed, it’s one of Hong Kong’s best markets, and there are many intriguing things to do there.

11. Wong Tai Sin Temple

Although it may be a more recent addition to Hong Kong, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is undoubtedly one of the fascinating buildings in existence right now. It is a beautiful destination to visit in Hong Kong. The Kowloon temple was constructed in honor of the Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin, who, according to local legend, gives luck to horse racing and can also be regarded as a pain healer. It’s interesting to note that the temple was initially constructed as private property, but in 1968 a new building replaced it.  Confucius and his 72 followers are the subjects of a whole hall. Visit this location today to learn more about this unique wonder of Hong Kong.

12. Dragon’s Back

The Dragon’s Back hike is all about getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into a beautiful and quiet setting. The best activity for a tremendous adrenaline rush in Hong Kong is hiking to Dragon’s Back. From the trail’s peak, you’ll have stunning views of the sea, mountains, and Big Wave Bay. When you get to the top, away from all the people and activity, you may enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility while taking in the views and the sound of the ocean wind. You can go to Shek O Peak from Wan Cham Shan, and it has some great seafood restaurants and beaches for swimming. Furthermore, CNN has ranked this path as one of the top 23 trails in the world for 2019.

13. Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village, one of the top tourist destinations in Hong Kong, is a fantastic site to experience the traditional charm of Hong Kong, its old-age architecture, local street markets, and its rich culture. The village is a charming location where you may reserve a boat tour to see the entire community. Since the town is so close to the well-known Big Buddha, most travelers include it on their itineraries after seeing it. If you’re lucky, you might even see pink dolphins swimming in the village’s waterways during the boat tour. The Tai O market, right next to the fishing harbor, is where you can purchase some distinctive traditional trinkets unique to Hong Kong.

14. Star Ferry

Riding the Star Ferry, one of the world’s most scenic ferry trips, is a must-do in Hong Kong. It was first launched in 1888. The ferries, a part of the city’s public transit system, transport people between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Both ends have gorgeous skylines. If you want to see the nice views, you might have to fight for one of the much sought-after window seats on the ferry as you cross Victoria Harbor. Even more spectacular views can be had at night when the towers are lit up in front of you.

15. Peng Chau Island

Peng Chau Island is another city’s top location, which is very different from the urban atmosphere for which Hong Kong is known. On this island, you will find nature in its purest form and calm in every nook and cranny. The locals do not value extravagance and lead essential rural lives. This island is noted for its calm temples, and a couple to add to your schedule are Seven Sisters Temple, Lung Mo Temple, and Peng Chau’s Tin Hau Temple. In addition to visiting temples, you can enjoy hiking and biking on this island because of the picturesque views and cool breezes they offer. In addition to this, see the different nearby caf├ęs and bakeries to indulge your palate with mouthwatering delicacies and go shopping at the neighborhood boutiques.

16. Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong, one of Hong Kong’s most well-known dining districts, delivers the incredible flavors visitors might expect from the city. The location, known for having some of Hong Kong’s trendiest restaurants, has open-air patios lining the walkways, which are enjoyable for diners as they sit there, savor a meal, and watch the population move by. There are also a handful of elegant restaurants in the region that are very well-liked by diners and street-level eateries. D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong’s major thoroughfare, is accessible. Here, one can sample some of Hong Kong’s best cuisine. However, given the size of the location, visitors are urged to first consult the directories at the main entrance.

17. Lantau Island

Lantau Island, the biggest island in Hong Kong, is renowned for its rugged landscapes and stunning vistas of the sun setting and rising. The island is a fantastic destination for couples traveling to Hong Kong because of its romantic atmosphere and extraordinary natural beauty. Taking the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car is the ideal method to get to this island because you can take in some breathtaking views from the top. A great dining and shopping experience are certainly there on the island because it is known for its independent boutiques, cafes, and craft shops. It is hiking to the summit of Mount Stenhouse, the island’s tallest mountain, to take in the breathtaking views.

18. Lamma Island

The most fantastic approach to refresh your mind and senses if you’ve become weary of city life and need a break from the bustling streets is to take a ferry to Lamma Island, an island with no roads and no cars. This charming island includes tranquil beaches, lush hills, and charming villages where visitors may have a wonderful rural experience. This is one of the best locations in Hong Kong for trekking and beach activities. On this island, independent stores also sell local handicrafts, making it possible to purchase various souvenirs. Explore the native villages on this island by strolling through them or visiting different eateries to sample Hong Kong’s regional cuisine.

19. Madame Tussauds

If you’re looking for family-friendly attractions in Hong Kong, we recommend Madame Tussauds, a wax museum featuring wax replicas of famous figures like Hollywood actors, influential figures, and politicians. Over 100 wax statues of these well-known personalities that look so lifelike that they will make you think you are standing next to the real thing. Ten fun zones, including Fashion Zone, Animated World, Kung Fu Zone, Hong Kong Glamour Zone, K-Wave Zone, and others, are available for tourists’ pleasure. On your next vacation to Hong Kong, stop by this location.

20. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

One of the famous tourist destinations in Hong Kong is Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, which may be reached by ascending 400 flights of steps lined with countless golden Buddha sculptures. Due to this monastery’s unusual setting, the entire journey is lovely and serene. After climbing the stairs, you will arrive at the main temple, where you can see additional Buddha sculptures that line the wall from floor to ceiling. You will be treated to breathtaking views of the woods and the rolling hills at the top, making it a fantastic destination for those seeking tranquility. The monastery’s name is somewhat ironic, considering that there are more than ten thousand Buddha statues, not simply ten thousand.

21. Garden of Stars (Avenue of Stars)

Garden of Stars is a site devoted to Hong Kong’s Hollywood celebrities and is an excellent place for strolls and taking good pictures. The Avenue of Stars, which was opened in 2003, has a similar theme to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here, you may see plaques and the handprints of well-known Hong Kong celebrities, including Florence Lim, Bruce Lee, and many more. The Garden of Stars offers breathtaking ocean vistas and a refreshing wind due to its riverfront location. This location is ideal if you prefer relaxing by the ocean while enjoying spectacular views.

22. Hong Kong Skyline

Today, one of Hong Kong’s most attractive tourist destinations is the skyline, which sets the city apart and provides visitors with a sight to behold. The port, skyscrapers, and surrounding gorgeous mountains make this city so appealing. The city’s most picturesque vistas may be seen by everyone visiting at night because the nighttime lights enhance the town. What’s best? Victoria Peak and the Kowloon waterfront are two of the most well-known sights that are part of the Hong Kong skyline, offering more than simply beautiful city vistas. While there are numerous locations where one can experience the best skyline views, tourists can also discover some top restaurants and hotels nearby. What is the delay, then? Visit the Hong Kong Skyline to enjoy the city’s views to the fullest.

23. Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is quite expensive places to visit in Hong Kong, but it is well worth it thanks to its beautiful white sand beach where you can swim and enjoy other water activities. Incredible ocean vistas can be seen from these places. Big Wave Bay is close by, and it’s a lot quieter than Repulse Bay. You can go to Big Wave Bay nearby, which is more tranquil than Repulse Bay. Spend some time in peace here while taking in the stunning coastal views. You may find BBQs on the back side of the beach, where you can eat delicious seafood while taking in the breathtaking ocean views. For a more challenging experience, you can also enjoy a climb to Dragon’s Back from Big Wave Bay.

24. Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong is renowned for its beautiful skyline, and Victoria Harbor offers one of the best views of Hong Kong’s breathtaking cityscape. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Hong Kong, visitors come here to take in the skyline, go for lengthy walks, go boating, and engage in other water activities. This location was formerly called as Hong Kong Harbor, but over time it adopted its current name. Large-scale fireworks can also be seen from this harbor, particularly on New Year’s Eve. Here, you may go boating, swimming, and taking evening walks, among other things.


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