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12 Best Restaurants in Bay area

Northern California’s Bay Area is a coastal area commonly known as the San Francisco Bay Area. Experience the culinary adventure of a lifetime as you explore its seemingly limitless selection of five-star dining.

San Francisco’s vast dining options can make choosing a spot to eat feel challenging, but we’re here to help. Our favorite restaurants in the city are both innovative and traditional, as well as trustworthy and unforgettable. Thai, hearty vegetarian, American classics, fine dining, Mexican comfort food, Instagram-worthy dim sum, and many other cuisines feature California’s local bounty and traditional culinary skills.

Find restaurants with breathtaking scenery, exclusive deals for any event, extensive menus that accommodate dietary restrictions, and more. I reduced all your fantastic options so you can concentrate on having a lovely time. There are some fantastic Bay Area eateries on this list, and you should definitely try them out.

1. The Charter Oak

The Charter Oak

The Charter Oak is a sophisticated dining restaurant specializing in dishes from the state of California.
Get ready for a massive party because you’re celebrating your birthday at the Charter Oak, which is regarded as among the top dining establishments in the Bay Area.
This excellent restaurant provides venue rentals both inside and outside, as well as stunning décor and a crew of highly skilled specialists.
In addition, the food is presented in an elegant manner, there is a nicely furnished outside courtyard with mulberry trees, and there is an extensive wine list.

2. Osito Restaurant

Osito Restaurant

Osito, Chef Stowaway’s first restaurant, located in the trendy Mission District, this restaurant is San Francisco’s only 100% live fire fine dining experience.

Osito is a community of makers, farmers, and supporters that have brought the concept to reality in the midst of a global epidemic; with a philosophy to produce an experience that is both unique and unforgettable, as well as approachable and inviting. Osito is more than just a restaurant.

Osito is a cosy restaurant where complete strangers can quickly become fast friends.

3. Hakkasan Restaurant

Hakkasan Restaurant

One of the finest and most well-known restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area is Hakkasan. The first Hakkasan restaurant was established in London, but the brand currently has locations throughout the United States. Lunch and dinner are served in style typical of Cantonese cuisine at Hakkasan. I adore a large selection of vegetarian foods, in addition to the traditional and mouthwatering Chinese dishes.

4. Empress by Boon

Empress by Boon

In June of 2021, Ho Chee Boon, born in Malaysia and holds a Michelin star, opened his restaurant Empress by Boon. The restaurant debuted a restored décor that modernizes the historically significant Empress of China area while retaining part of the space’s original woodwork.  On the menu, the emphasis is placed on contemporary interpretations of traditional Cantonese dishes cooked with regional ingredients, the majority of which come from the restaurant’s own organic farm in Gilroy, California.

5. Cliff House

Cliff House

This unique restaurant in San Francisco is perched precariously on the edge of a cliff. This indicates that there are beautiful views of the bay! And locally caught seafood! I understand there is also a museum in the vicinity of the restaurant, which is situated in a historic district.

6. Scoma’s Restaurant

Scoma's Restaurant

Scoma’s is a seafood institution that has been serving local fish that has been pulled right from the boat since 1965. The restaurant is situated on the figurative dock of the bay. The restaurant is set up in a manner that is reminiscent of a ship’s cabin; it winds its way through several bars and dining rooms and is decorated with rich leather and warm wood. However, if you sit at one of the booths and gaze out the window, you will see that the bay is lapping right outside the restaurant, and boats are passing by.

7. Hog Island Oyster Co.

Hog Island Oyster Co.

If you want to eat at a restaurant with a view that will leave you speechless, the best option is at Hog Island Oyster Co., either at the raw bar or on the patio. The Ferry Building is home to a wide variety of excellent dining establishments. Still, this is the way to go if your priority is to dine somewhere with a breathtaking panorama. You will be able to watch the ferry boats come and go, take in the view of the Bay Bridge, and those gorgeous blue waters while you slurp freshly caught oysters, and sip a glass of something bubbly from either of the two vantage points.

8. Nari Restaurant

Nari Restaurant

Chef Pim Techamuanvivit has opened yet another one of his fantastic restaurants called Nari. The restaurant is headed by most women, including chef de cuisine Meghan Clark. It features a little more advanced design and cuisine than her previous establishment, which was called Kin Khao. In a modern Thai restaurant, the chefs may replace some of the traditional Thai ingredients with locally grown and seasonal ones while maintaining the dishes’ signature taste qualities. Rich curries with lamb, eggplant, pork belly, and Cornish game hen are just a few of the meals that can be found on the menu’s large format dishes that are meant to be shared.

9. Penny Roma

Penny Roma

Penny Roma is the perfect restaurant for an exciting evening out with a significant other. The cuisine consists of mouthwatering crudos, house-made pasta, and rustic Italian meals. The inviting, dimly-lit, and plant-filled courtyard (with a retractable roof) gives dinner party vibes. When we’ve all been living in our little bubbles for so long, it’s a welcome change to go out to a restaurant that feels more like a celebration than “simply” a place to get an excellent meal.

10. Millenium Restaurant

Millenium Restaurant

There is no question that this is one of the top restaurants in the area that provides vegetarian food. Simple dishes, like tamales, are given interesting new twists by the chefs, and already tasty and nutritious vegetables are made to taste much better than they already do. What kind of reality is that even?! Try out Millennium while you’re in the Bay Area on a short trip if you’re a fan of food or vegetables in particular.

11. El Buen Comer

El Buen Comer

In a pleasant and unpretentious setting, this cafe in Bernal Heights is known for the traditional Chilango cuisine prepared by Isabel Caudillo, born in Mexico. Slow-cooked stews such as tinga (pulled chicken braised in tomato, onion, and chipotle) and albondigas, as well as a range of mole recipes, are served alongside a selection of guisados that are rotated daily. Homemade tortillas, beans, and rice are accompaniments to these guisados. Tostadas, soups, and tacos are topped with chicharron with green salsa, rajas covered with crema, and potatoes topped with chorizo.

12. Alexander’s Steakhouse

Alexander’s Steakhouse

Steak lovers, this is the restaurant for you! There is a wide selection of cuts and alternatives available at Alexander’s Steakhouse. This restaurant is suitable for vegetarians and vegans because it provides good seafood and vegetable side dishes. The ambiance is perfect for a night out with your significant other, and the food is of the greatest possible standard.


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