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12 Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the most industrialized and reasonably priced cities in the United States, so you can be sure to discover some excellent dining options there. The city of Pittsburgh boasts some of the finest dining establishments in the United States. You’ll find everything you’re looking for, from local landmarks to high-end eating to exotic cuisine to cozy little cafes. International cuisine can be found at several Pittsburgh restaurants. Restaurants serve various cuisines, such as those from Italy, Spain, and East Asia.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 of the city’s finest restaurants for your consideration.

1. Alta Via

Despite the fact that it has just existed for the past three years, Alta Via has already established itself as a Pittsburgh mainstay. The warm and inviting dining space of Alta Via, which is significant but still intimate, in addition to the spectacular square bar, provides a dining experience that is certain to please its guests. The restaurant is quite popular and draws customers from far and wide.

Dustin Gardner, the senior chef at the Casbah, went across the Allegheny River to take over management of Alta Via last year. Since then, he has improved the wood-fired, large-plate offerings at the restaurant. Because they are always prepared with care and refinement, the restaurant’s vegetable dishes are some of the most popular because they showcase the natural flavors and textures of the vegetables in a way that brings out their best qualities. In addition, the pasta dishes served at Alta Via are among the most delicious you’ll find anywhere in town.

2. LeVia Trattoria

LeVia Trattoria is a scratch kitchen that delivers authentic Italian cuisine in a warm, welcoming, and unpretentious atmosphere. Customers are welcome to bring their bottles of drink to LeVia, which is a departure from the other alternatives we presented for restaurants in Pittsburgh. This establishment can be found in the area bounded by Butler Street and 54th Street.

LeVia Trattoria prepares authentic Italian cuisine from scratch using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. The lemon ricotta ravioli, rigatoni, and linguine are three of their pasta dishes that stand out as particular favorites of ours. You can also have a cup of coffee, tea, or flavored soda to accompany your meal. The chocolate budino they offer as one of their dessert options is our top pick.

3. Gaucho Parrilla

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina is a restaurant that specializes in offering food from Argentina. It is located in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh. It is one of the most fantastic restaurants in Pittsburgh that uses wood-fired cooking techniques, imparting a light smoky flavor to the food. Paella, chuleta de cerdo, and rosemary braised beef are some of our favorite meals at this restaurant, and we highly recommend that you order them. You may also select from among their available cocktails and wines as a finishing touch to your dinner.

The grilling accentuated the vegetables’ inherent sweetness, and the spice was right. Some appetizers, such as the agrodolce salad and the provaleta, were somewhat healthful, while others were more like dessert. The Big Papa potato tasted like a baked Russet potato, with a leathery, salty shell and a fluffy interior. A once fan favorite, the rosemary braised beef sandwich now tastes like it belongs in a sports arena. Gaucho’s most impressive feature—caramelized onions—was underwhelmingly supplied on an otherwise tasteless bread.

4. Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33

The dining room at Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33 is one of the most energetic spots in all of Pittsburgh. The Squirrel Hill eatery, housed in a converted laundromat not far from the hustle and bustle of Forbes Avenue, is always packed to the gills. Jenny Tao, one of the restaurant’s co-owners, and her friendly front-of-house staff help newcomers and longtime patrons navigate the extensive Taiwanese menu that her husband, Asan Tao, has created. The dishes range from the relatively mild, like chicken cutlets over rice and turnip cakes, to the decidedly bold, like Changsha chou doufu, or stinky tofu.

Cafe 33 makes it simple to assemble a healthy dinner. Comfort foods like pork rolls with oyster sauce, lightly fried tofu with chive blossoms, and more advanced options like sesame oil, scallions,  steamed halibut, and cilantro (be sure to ask about fresh fish specials), are my go-to’s at Asan Tao. Traditional Taiwanese fare like beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes with eggs, and three-cup chicken are all excellent, thanks to Tao’s creative spin.

5. Altius

The cuisine served at Altius is of the highest quality and is based on the changing seasons. Organic and regional ingredients are used in each dish. This restaurant, which can be found on Grandview Avenue, is an ideal choice for guests interested in increased hospitality and traditional cuisine with a contemporary twist.

Its location also features a magnificent elevated perspective of the city, making for a more luxurious eating experience for anyone looking for luxury. Their duroc pork chop, Australian lamb rack, and Chilean sea bass are three of our absolute favorites among their available selections. In addition, gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives are available at Altius. If you still have room for dessert, I recommend getting either their coconut affogato or lemon tart.

6. Morcilla

Morcilla, which first opened its doors in 2015, features incredibly excellent traditional dishes from Spain on its menu. You should try almejas en salsa verde dish at Morcilla when they have it. It consists of Manila clams, green garlic salsa verde, vermouth, and lemon. The Laurel Hills Farm fish, which is typically served with fried artichokes, salsa verde, and lemon, and the costillas de la matanza, which, in my view, are the most excellent baby back ribs in town, are just two examples of the restaurant’s standard fare.

The bar at Morcilla has enormous windows looking out onto Butler Street and is considered one of the most popular places in the restaurant to unwind with a drink and a bite to eat. On the drink menu at Morcilla, you’ll find a great drink in addition to a large variety of sherries and vermouths, cocktails that are intricate as well as perfectly balanced, and other beverages. Both the spicy fried artichokes and the delicious oxtail montadito are available as starters for you to choose from.

7. Casbah

Casbah, one of Pittsburgh’s best restaurants, explores and expands upon Mediterranean cuisines. Seasonal menus provide creative takes on regional classics with the best products and other goods available. Meat, fish, and vegetarian main courses and in-house desserts are also available. Casbah delivers a memorable gourmet dining experience in a warm and inviting setting. The first floor’s heated patio and dining area are decorated in style reminiscent of Southern Europe and offer plush seating all year round. The lower level is the coziest of sanctuaries, with a glass-enclosed wine room, stone-covered walls, and cutting-edge lighting, ideal for romantic dinners for two.

Even though Casbah’s pasta, seafood, and roasted meat options are dependably reliable, I’ll recommend the restaurant’s exceptional vegetable cooking instead. The large Burrito group finds better and better local ingredients every year, and the chefs here know how to use them. Try dishes like English pea and fava bean ravioli with preserved lemon butter, sunflower shoots, and sumac, or a spring salad with tender greens, fava beans, green garbanzo beans, watermelon radish, avocado tahina, benne seeds, and white balsamic vinaigrette.

8. Ladybird’s Luncheonette

Ladybird’s Luncheonette is located in the center of the charming town of Beaver, and it runs out of a small but powerful building that has seen and heard many beautiful things through the years. You may find Ladybird’s Luncheonette on Third Street, above Waffles Inc., and enter through the back adjacent to Free Spirit Acupuncture. Though our design encourages most customers to order for takeout, we do have a few cozy corners where you may sit and enjoy your food.

Chef Cageao’s ability to combine classic pastry techniques with an awareness of the seasons, a preference for using local ingredients, and a dash of modern irreverence appeal to me. Her soups are comforting, her sweets are indulgent, and her hand pies have crackly, flaky shells stuffed with delicious ingredients. Dig into a BBQ Mac hand pie loaded with roast chicken, macaroni and cheese, bread and butter pickles, and barbeque sauce if you’re in the mood for chaos. Do you feel more entire now? Cageao’s avocado toast, cooked with handcrafted sourdough, adds a welcome burst of texture and flavor to an otherwise stale trend; have it with a refreshing juice combination from Ladybird Luncheonette. Don’t leave without sampling the pastries wherever you go.

9. Sienna Mercato

Conveniently located in Pittsburgh’s vibrant cultural quarter, Sienna Mercato offers a trifecta of international cuisines in one restaurant. 

Emporio, located on the ground floor of Sienna Mercato, is a lively restaurant known for its daily-prepared gourmet meatball dishes, 32 draught beers, wine, and classic cocktails. Design choices that nod to the past help convey a genuine Italian (with a twist) character.

Mezzo, which is on the second floor, serves gourmet Italian cuisine in a cozy, rustic setting, complete with house-made charcuterie, wood-fired pizzas, inventive pasta, and premium wines.

Surrounded by some of Pittsburgh’s most recognizable skyscrapers is Il Tetto, a lively year-round rooftop garden with a retractable glass ceiling, serving light meals and classic cocktails. For obvious reasons, Il Tetto became the place to be in downtown Chicago during happy hour.

10. Grand Concourse

The Grand Concourse is a long-standing Pittsburgh institution. The station was constructed in 1901, and the restaurant maintains its original style with regal stained glass, marble, and mahogany details. Diners may take in the sights while feasting on steak, seafood, and the best brunch in town.

The Grand Concourse restaurant in Station Square is a true tribute to grandeur and excellent cuisine, located in the magnificently preserved Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Station. There is a magnificent staircase, marble columns, and a cathedral ceiling covered in stained glass that takes diners back to the luxury of the Progressive Era while still offering all the comforts of a contemporary restaurant. The best brunch in Pittsburgh can be found on Sundays at our award-winning seafood restaurant, which also serves succulent steaks and chicken. Grand Concourse at Station Square, located on the riverside and offering stunning views of the city, is a top Pittsburgh seafood spot and the most excellent restaurant in the region.

11. Chengdu Gourmet

This casual Squirrel Hill Asian restaurant serves traditional Chinese fare and dishes with American influences. Compared to other Asian restaurants, this one stands out due to its focus on authentic Sichuan cuisine. There’s much to choose from on the menu, so bring a group and share some appetizers and entrees. Chengdu Gourmet, one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh, is now even better because it is a BYOB. At this eatery, Chinese food is a must. Make sure you try some well-done pancakes. Excellent American coffee and tasty bubble tea will be provided.

Here, you can get takeout orders filled. The pleasant and helpful staff is responsible for the great atmosphere here. People have said that the service is satisfactory. Pricing is generally seen as reasonable by reviewers. This eatery has excellent vibes and gorgeous decor.

12. Bae Bae’s Kitchen

Bae Bae’s Kitchen is a fast-casual restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh serving organic food. Kimchi, bulgogi meat, fried chicken, and other Korean-American standards may all be found on the menu here. The restaurant’s pride is its limited, focused menu; everything on it is created new every day with a lot of care. By being smart with their money, they’re free to put all their efforts into making delicious food: Yelp has ranked Bae Bae’s Kitchen as one of the top 100 restaurants in the country. They’re the lone Pittsburgh restaurant on the list, coming in at 88.

Everyone who visits here enjoys Korean food. Indulge in perfectly prepared fried chicken, kimchi, and tofu here. Put in an order for some delicious pudding at Bae Bae’s Kitchen. Guests can choose from delicious beverages, including bubble tea, Vietnamese coffee, and Thai iced tea. Customers in a rush but still want to eat dinner can do so at this takeaway restaurant. The friendly service and expert staff are two of its best features. The pricing here is about par for the course. The exotic ambiance and high-quality furnishings make this a popular hangout.



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