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12 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas restaurants have changed from the steakhouses, red sauce eateries, and buffets that previously drove the city’s holidaymakers. The city of Las Vegas has matured along with its cuisine. It now has more Michelin-starred restaurants per capita than any other city in the United States and more master sommeliers than any other American city. However, maturing has also meant searching inward and beyond for outstanding talent with no ties to television in recent years. Here, for your convenience, is a list of some of the most acceptable dining options in Las Vegas.

1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Vegas’ newest weird and magnificent dining spectacle, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, is worth every penny of its admission fee. In AREA 15’s Lost Spirits Distillery, where booze is a tourist attraction, there are only one or two seatings a night at a communal table for 12 people at the restaurant. There is a lot of raw rum and other spirits in the recipes, so go easy on the sparkling rum. A 16-course tasting meal inspired by the same-named Jules Verne novel is served to all diners. That involves consuming many meats, fish, and other animal proteins. On top of the savory chicken and herb, baklava is a dollop of Tazmanian white sturgeon caviar and a few slices of Japanese bluefin toro marinated in strawberry rum. You’ll be given a miniature harpoon along with your “whale” entrée of Japanese A5 Wagyu that has been toasted with black sesame and served with a grape rum sauce. The meal’s highlight is a whole roasted pig, presented after being carved and benefiting from an altar.

2. Bardot Brasserie

Bardot Brasserie combines the relaxed atmosphere of a Parisian café with the precision and creativity of a Michelin-starred restaurant. French onion soup with Périgord truffle, Loup de Mer, and Roasted Chicken are just a few of the dishes that Chef Michael Mina and Chef Nick Dugan serve at their contemporary take on classic brasserie fare served at lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. All your favorite French comfort foods and a wide selection of New World and Old World beverages are available here.

You may also upgrade your onion soup with a short rib, black truffle, and a poached egg. You can forget your current location as you enjoy it in the bar while reading the paper. The country bread with beurre desire butter and the rest of the cheese plate is best shared on a chilly winter night with someone willing to sacrifice their diet in favor of engaging in a carb-heavy meal.

3. Picasso

Picasso’s menu is influenced by the cuisine of the regions of France and Spain, where Pablo Picasso lived for a large portion of his life. Diners can further indulge their senses at Picasso with a variety of the artist’s delightful ceramic creations and a selection of his masterworks.

There are authentic Picasso paintings on display, and the room’s decor reflects the artist’s Spanish and French heritage with touches like terracotta tiles and flowers that make one feel like they are in a cozy Mediterranean villa. The restaurant serves classic dishes like pan-seared scallops, creamy potato mousseline, and a beautifully roasted Colorado leg of lamb. The beverage selection is regarded as one of the best in the country.

4. Aroma Latin Cocina

Despite its modest size and location in a strip mall, Aroma Latin Cocina produces highly creative, artfully presented dishes that focus on Guatemalan and Peruvian ingredients and techniques. Chef Steve Kestler, formerly of EDO’s executive sous kitchen and Bazaar Meat and Bouchon, is at the kitchen’s helm here. At Aroma, he realizes his vision with savvy execution and a commitment to quality ingredients, which makes up for the restaurant’s unassuming decor. The enchilada’s soft, crisp crust covering brings out the entire inside flavor, typically made of meat, olives, and raisins. The appetizer of pork belly bits atop crunchy plantains with a mild pickled onion slaw has a similar harmony of textures. Most meals have a combination of different ingredients, all artfully arranged so you can enjoy each bite.

5. Top Round

When it comes to the quality of the cuisine, there can never be too many fast and cheap options on the Strip. Top Round, a fast-casual chain originally from California, has opened a massive new location in The Park, next to T-Mobile Arena, Nevada, with semi-industrial space and roll-up garage-style windows. The house specialty is a roast beef sandwich made with beef that has been marinated in spices for 24 hours, roasted for at least seven hours, and sliced fresh when ordered. All of the sauces are manufactured in-house, including a Cheez Whiz that is lighter and fluffier than the original. Both the gravy fries and the chili use the same high-quality beef. Snap-O-Razzo natural franks, created here in Vegas, go into making these famous hot dogs. Sandwiches or tenders can be made with juicily fried chicken marinated in buttermilk and pickle juice. 

6. Cipriani

When you enter Cipriani Las Vegas, you get the impression that you’re getting onto a luxurious yacht. A little bit nautical and a lot jetsetter-y, with shiny walnut and chrome and terrazzo flooring, the space is similar to other Cipriani restaurants designed by Michele Bonan in Miami, Ibiza, and Mexico City. Specifically, the atmosphere is a little bit nautical and a lot jetsetter-y. However, the Vegas site has a distinct color palette, distinguished by royal blue and orange. With a  spread across two levels, the building has a scale reminiscent of a ship. The main dining room is huge, and a separate dining room can accommodate up to fifty guests. Expect all of the Cipriani staples to be served here, and don’t count on getting any shortcuts: While some restaurants get their mozzarella from other countries, Cipriani makes its own in Italy and flies it over here.

7. Honey Salt

Without a shadow of a doubt, Honey Salt is one of the finest restaurants in all of Las Vegas. Honey Salt’s menu is inspired by local farms and changes with the seasons to reflect the unique flavors of the desert and the great ingredients that can be found in the area if one takes the time to look. The cuisine at this restaurant, developed by restaurateur Elizabeth Blau and chef Kim Canteenwall, is an elevated spin on classic comfort foods.

This restaurant is like an enticing oasis in the middle of the desert, with its delectable farm-to-table menu and charming farmhouse design. This restaurant is notable for its exquisite cocktails and visually stunning dishes. If you’re on the fence about this restaurant, try one bite of their fried chicken sandwich. This sandwich is piled high with tender buns, juicy chicken, crunchy lettuce, and tangy slaw. In addition, they have tender Turkey meatballs that are expertly seasoned.

8. Every Grain

The unpretentious atmosphere of this restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas, which serves Taiwanese dishes prepared home-style, is sure to win you over. Guests at this restaurant get the opportunity to sample Chef Sheridan Su’s warm and flavorful Taiwanese meals, which were inspired by his grandmother’s recipes. This substantial and delicious bowl is a traditional dish from Taiwan. It consists of a beef belly braised until it is tender and juicy, along with vegetables, eggs, and a savory sauce served over steaming rice.

The Chinese and Taiwanese dishes prepared here are excellent, and they are led by a fantastic chef responsible for overseeing the kitchen. The chicken, chicken and rice, and dan noodles at this eatery are all high-quality. The customer feedback indicates that the wait staff provides excellent Vietnamese coffee, iced coffee, and tea.

9. Peppermill Restaurant

The Peppermill Restaurant and Lounge is a time-tested favorite, lauded for its pleasant atmosphere, inventive drinks, and great main courses and desserts. It’s easiest to take I-15 south to West Sahara Boulevard, where you can exit and turn right onto Las Vegas Boulevard. Vegas has a 24-hour, neon-themed restaurant that satisfies the high-quality dining requirement in every major city.

The menu spans 14 pages and includes everything from traditional breakfast and brunch fare to steaks and burgers. On top of all that, it is home to the hip Fireside Lounge, famous for its electric decor and enormous cocktails. Eat some of their ambrosia French toast if you want a good day. It’s a baked Texas toast smothered in eggs and then topped with whipped cream and fruit.

10. Mizumi

At Mizumi, Michelin-starred chef Min Kim reveals authentic Asian flavors with his ocean-fresh sushi, sashimi, and contemporary takes on traditional Japanese fare. The private Japanese gardens and koi pond with a 90-foot waterfall are the focal points of this restaurant that Forbes Travel Guide awarded four stars. Ask to be seated at the floating pagoda table and enjoy a multi-course omakase feast from Chef Min while enjoying the beautiful scenery. When you walk into Mizumi, you’ll immediately understand why it’s ranked so highly on our list of the finest Las Vegas restaurants. This area will likely boost your Instagram following with its picturesque Japanese gardens, koi ponds, and breathtaking waterfalls.

It offers a menu full of creative and upscale takes on traditional Japanese fare as a treat. Their dumping of wagyu beef is spectacular. These exquisite morsels are the most succulent, tasty, and moist dumplings in town and were expertly constructed to perfection. Alternatively, you may check out Chef Min Kim’s tasting menu, which he offers every night.

11. SW Steakhouse

SW Steakhouse, winner of four stars from Forbes Travel Guide, is known for its prime matured steaks and carefully curated range of certified Japanese and domestic Wagyu. Popular dishes include the pan-roasted sea scallops served over English pea risotto and topped with black truffle sauce. The restaurant’s ideal location affords guests a front-row seat to the Lake of Dreams’ nightly performances.

This steakhouse offers a fantastic experience for both vegetarians and meat eaters. The restaurant may focus on steaks, but it also provides several options for vegetarians. This steakhouse is close to the hotel’s exciting water show, and the food is excellent. The rib eye is to die for, and it’s kosher. This juicy, tender, and perfectly charred steak has been rubbed with a unique chili blend.

12. Spago

Spago has been a staple in the city’s restaurant industry for over two decades. This elegant restaurant by Chef Wolfgang Puck launched in 1992 and sparked the city’s expanding culinary industry; in 2017, it relocated from Caesars Palace to Bellagio Las Vegas along Via Bellagio.

Today, its trademark California cuisine and spectacular view of the Bellagio Fountains continue to astound visitors. Spago’s famous salmon pizza is a terrific place to start your meal because it’s crisp, tasty, and superb. Guests can order off the à la carte menu or try Puck’s multi-course California Tasting Menu, which features the “Best of the West.” In addition to the chef’s culinary masterworks, guests can enjoy a selection of handcrafted cocktails and an extensive international wine list from the bar’s unique Wolfgang Puck menu. After that, dig into a flavorful Armagnac-Peppercorn sauce–coated 16-ounce New York strip steak.


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